Virtual Coaching

Success Inspired are delighted to offer a virtual coaching service to clients whose time may be at a premium, or may be struggling to achieve that perfect work/life balance. We have found that our virtual coaching sessions are ideal for clients who must juggle their professional life with childcare or familial responsibilities or who may struggle to fit a coaching session into an already busy schedule.

How does virtual coaching work?

We offer sessions of life coaching and executive coaching via Skype, Skype for Business and Facetime. This means coaching sessions can be held at your convenience, whether its from home, from your office, or via a mobile device while you are on the go.

How can virtual coaching help me?

Virtual coaching has the potential to increase the collaborative nature of the coach/client relationship. Face-to-face communications is combined with a greater capacity for information sharing and evaluation, both during and after your coaching session.

On demand learning

Skype and Facetime are both video messaging platforms which offer users the ability to record conversations. For our life coaching and executive coaching clients, this offers the opportunity to capture and reflect on any transformative discussions or major breakthroughs in your coaching sessions, re-capping over the key points as required.

Increased content visibility

Online coaching has the potential to bring greater content visibility to the coach/client relationship.  Skype and Facetime allow users to share documents, meaning that sessions can incorporate discussion and written tasks with greater ease, culminating in a more transparent and accountable coaching process.

Work in your favourite space

We all work at our best when we experience physical comfort. One of the most obvious benefits of virtual coaching is that it can be conducted from any location, meaning that clients can undergo sessions from the comfort of their own home or anywhere else as long as they can access virtual coaching with their mobile device.


Not only is it easier to schedule your coaching session to suit your personal and professional needs, but virtual coaching also means that you save time which would normally be spent travelling to see your coach.




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