Relationship Effectiveness

To sharpen your skills in communication, conflict management or influencing to arrive at solutions that are greater than just the sum of individual efforts.


Relationship effectiveness tools can really help create personal transformations if you experience two or more of the following:

“Certain people really seem to wind me up but I still need to work with them..”

“I’m an expert in my field but dread having to make presentations.”

“I know I should be building my network but it’s just not my thing..”

“Why is it that some people just seem to light up a room as soon as they speak?  How do they do it?


Learn how an interdependent mindset can create win win solutions.

Thrive in an environment where you can have a positive impact on results

Establish and maintain positive and constructive relationships with others.

Communicate your expertise so that it is recognised.

Understand and develop your optimal influencing style.

Adopt the habits of highly effective communicators.

Define and develop your personal network for success.

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