Mindfulness Food for Thought

Life coaching – what is it and how does it work?
November 12, 2016
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Mindfulness Food for Thought

Modern mindfulness programmes have buddhist wisdom as their basis.

The Mind is Everything, What You Think You Can Become

Advanced mindfulness techniques can ensure that you maintain focus on your goals and operate with a supple mind.


We know when our minds are out of kilter and also when they delight in our life experiences.  By learning how to train our mind through building our concentration, alertness and focus we can gain mastery over our emotions and actions.  This ancient wisdom has as much relevance, if not more, to modern living.  The notion that we can sculpt our mind is very appealing to any of us working in the field of change management.

At a recent concentration retreat last weekend in Brighton it struck me how much clearer and lighter my thinking in all aspects of life becomes when I’m able to harness my mind.  I went to my first beginners mindfulness and meditation classes almost ten years ago  as a welcome break from the stresses investment banking!  Now that’s a world of multi-tasking on top of already extreme multi-tasking.  I used to be proud of it too! In those days I had no idea that I was setting myself up for some pretty distracted concentration and focus as I attempted to power through my task list.  The result: no doubt lots of  muddled through ill thought-through decisions.

I’m working on seeing my mind more as  a powerful, yet trainable horse than such an easily distracted puppy  🙂  It’s going to be a work in progress but I’m hopeful as just by putting it into practice somewhat I’ve experienced great benefits.  I know my stress levels, quality of sleep (bye bye Zolpidem!) and overall happiness are all on the up just through working out how to get some detachment from the craziness of fast-paced busy living,  The problem is I have had many years of wandering-mind-itis which can be hard to shake!!

Mindfulness and meditation classes are available for all levels at the Boddhisativa Centre in Brighton

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