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Positive mental habits are the secret to a long, happy and wise life. A mind that has been nourished and refreshed is more supple, collaborative and tuned in to making smart decisions.

What You Pay Attention To Shapes What You Become

What are the consequences of your habits?


What we focus on, get excited about, scream, love and shout about shapes what we become.  There are indeed many digital distractions for us to conquer even just to focus on completing what we want to get done in a day.  There is  no sign that this will get easier given our taste for doing more, faster and better.

Although we have unprecedented access to technology it doesnt take long before you hear of the next medical report citing our addiction to mobile devices is clearly linked to poor attention, poor sleep and even low  self esteem as we stay on alert for a device to confirm our digital worth through a series of pings and pulses.

It’s Time to Start REALLY Paying Attention

Every moment is precious.  Mindfulness coaching will help  you renew your mind and reinforce this message.

Spot anyone living in the moment in this image?


This photo is taken at a motor race.  Did you spot he older lady leaning on  the railings at the front, the is the only person NOT taking her surroundings in through the lens of a mobile phone.  She looks contented and engaged, free from the hassle of taking a phone to remember the moment by.

I hope one day we can see this lady’s MRI scan!  It would be especially interesting as the neuro-plasticity of our brains is now widely acknowledged as the crux of advances in performance and personal growth. Academics and practitioners, as well as the medical profession now recognise what has long been observed by sports coaches.

Just as when  you take regular exercise, your mind and body feel more vibrant and energised so the same is true in how clear and sharp your mind can become when you give it the right treatment.

Mindfulness Coaching Inspired By Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

What you pay attention to is the gateway to exponential personal development.

Modern mindfulness programmes have buddhist wisdom as their basis.


Mindfulness practice has become a clear trend with many attending 8 week programmes inspired by Zen Buddhism and  originally offered by Jon Kabat-Zinn at MIT in the 70s.  A range of mindfulness courses are now available in organisations ranging from Google to the NHS.

A peaceful, present and relaxed mind is better able to take things as they are, solve problems snd engage with others fully considering the best way forward.

How Does Mindfulness Coaching Work?

Mindfulness coaching offers practical guidance tailored to your busy life, how it is right now.  We identify creative solutions so that your mindfulness practice can grow moment by moment, no excuses, no procrastinating, just noticing and living with mindfulness.

Our brains grow where we put attention.

MRI scans of regular meditators and mindfulness practitioners show a reconfiguration of brain activity that “grows” the brain to be more balanced.  The brain it seems is much like any other muscle in that it responds to repetitive activity.

During mindfulness coaching you will experience triggers, nudges and guidance to stimulate  the plasticity of your brain.


The Mind Power Refresher Programme

The objective can be any aspect of life your want to be VERY good at but which may not come easily to you right now.

The conditions for your mind to be its best are identified along with any positive mindfulness habits that are part of your life. The coaching strategy next defines the internal and external factors critical to your successful achievement of the goal.

The coaching programme offers you a deep dive into;

  1. rewiring your habitual thinking patterns
  2. mental and external distractions and how to manage them
  3. your inner game and techniques to hold concentration
  4. sharpening your mental focus
  5. reinforcing critical positive neurological patterns
  6. accessing your whole brain, both right and left hemispheres





Advanced Mindfulness Practice for More Challenging Situations

To experience the joy of high achievement, similar to that of an athlete smashing their personal best record, the next more ambitious step is to cultivate stronger levels of concentration and focus. This more advanced mindfulness practice maintains a steady mind so that you keep going well beyond your normal comfort zone.  These methods were used originally to build mental stabilisation for extended periods of seated meditation in thelotuposition during the preparations of training the mind for enlightened awareness.

Your first step may be to sign up to a Mindfulness app or an 8 week Mindfulness programme where you will gain wise mindfulness nuggets.  That’s a great start and you will certainly learn some helpful techniques for relaxing your mind  and dealing with some less challenging thought patterns and stress.

The ability to stabilise the mind and direct it to where it is needed is certainly coachable. However, if there are intense distractions or stresses prevalent in a person’s life, these will be far more difficult.  When we want, or have, to take on more challenging goals that take us significantly out of our comfort zone, the going gets tough and our normal mental balance can be knocked out of whack.   A peaceful mind is of course even more essential in these situations if the whole of our potential can be accessed.  However, this is when typically our buttons are really pushed and more extreme patience and determination are required.

Success at deriving lasting benefits from practical mindfulness hinges on your ability to concentrate. If you’ve ever had to concentrate on something you don’t enjoy for even 5 minutes you’ll get a sense of whether your mind is like a well trained dressage horse or a disobedient puppy and it’s time to get a grip.


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