Life Coaching

Re-write Your Life Script

 Make positive changes in how you feel about, experience and enjoy specific areas of your life.

Life life with bold optimism. What have you got to lose?

What would it be like for you to live with bold optimism, no matter what life throws at you?

As we react to a constant stream of problems, racing from one task to another, questions such as “who am I?” and “who who do I want to become?” seldom have the chance to surface.

And yet, if we dont examine such questions we can end up feeling stuck and confused when life doesn’t work out as we hoped.  

Time can seem to burn away fast as our mind wanders from one thought to the next, looking for solutions but getting distracted, overwhelmed or just stuck.

If this is you, you certainly would benefit from shedding some light on how you can refresh your mind and gain clarity to move forwards. Life coaching can provide you with the basis and tools to create the life you seek.

Learn to stop burning time…
Thinking About Starting Life Coaching for the First Time?

Rather than dwell on the past, we will create the causes for a fulfilling and happy future in your life right now. 

To get started in framing your priorities, the Fulfilment Wheel tool (used in many forms by life coaches) helps with a little reflection before an initial session.

Fulfilment Wheel Click Here

Did you discover any surprising gaps?  

The important questions in life can stir up a range of memories, emotions and hopes.  Whenever I work with clients on a broad range of life topics I know it’s important to be ready for anything.

Self Discovery Programme Through Life Coaching

If we work together, you will be guided through a process of self discovery, personal reflection and support in your individual call for change.   There are typically five  elements to a life coaching programme:

  1. Defining the big picture of your life and what is now most important to you
  2. Installing the commitment for the change you seek
  3. Tracking how well you are doing
  4. Make smart modifications if required
  5. Celebrate successes

Depending on the issue, coaching assignments often involve anything from just a couple of sessions through to a more committed programme which can last a couple of months or more.  It’s most common for my clients to buy a block of 6 hours of coaching sessions that are then drawn on as needed to fit in with their diary.  What works for you depends on the nature and required timescale for you transformation.

It’s Time to Put LIFE on your To Do List

Reasons for Seeking Life Coaching With Me

You may want to focus on a number of areas or have narrowed your concerns down to one or two priorities.  Life Coaching with me will be a lively collaboration where I will urge you to live, work and play at your best in life, celebrating who you are.  You will:

  • Clarify of your goals and their impact on others
  • Become clear on helpful habits for change
  • Create a personal value system that will immediately help you make good decisions
  • Create relationships that enable your transformation
  • Partner with an ally (me!) committed to keeping you on track
  • Build confidence, strength and momentum for your special way of thriving
  • Skilfully handle any obstacles to the desired change
Frequently Requested Solutions

The following solutions are commonly sought by clients:

  • Practical tools to help manage stress and anxiety when spinning too many plates.
  • Daily triggers to establish new positive habits.   
  •  Advanced communication skills development in conflict management or influencing others.
  • Personal resilience report with practical steps for improvement

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