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A Life Coach to Help You Prepare for Lifes’s Waves

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How can I benefit from a life coach?

Life coaching can benefit people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, abilities and motivations.   The key questions are, however, similar because they are those of being human in a busy world.   In a typical day my clients may bring challenges which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • dealing with technology, anxiety and stress,
  • feeling lonely or feeling overwhelmed,
  • experiencing the pressure to succeed,
  • being hard on ourselves, being too soft with others,
  • needing to manage our anger, feeling embarrassed,
  • wanting more influence
  • and feeling the need to perform
  • whilst all the time searching for happiness and love.

I can help you convert your deepest motivations into actionable life goals.

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For  an  introduction on what makes our approach special please take a look at the Home page and Life Coaching section.


Our life coaching principles

Every consultation we undertake is guided by the following life coaching principles.

Holistic Whole Mind / Brain Power Partnership Approach

Your zone of peak living will be where you awaken your whole mind, experience and personality.  You do not need to be “fixed” or rescued.  This may have been neglected in the past but you are your own best expert.


All discussions and correspondence is confidential to the individual client in their coaching session and also out of it.  For those occasions when family members, colleagues or friends are referred, no confidential information is shared.  If there it seems helpful for the individuals to discuss material covered during our coaching sessions I will potentially coach the people concerned in how to have these conversations themselves.

Life coaching strategies

I use a number of strategies to help clients map and realise their personal and professional goals.  In our sessions you’ll find us working out what genuinely makes you tick and  setting up powerful motivation for you to succeed that balances the key aspects of your life.  You may experience getting more excited about your potential, better organised in your life or more clear minded as we brain on solutions to long-standing life dilemmas.  There’s a lot of listening on my part so that I know how best to bring on the tools for you to thrive in the way you want.

Here are a selection of some of the tools we may use:

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Using language to break down mental barriers, create more functional life habits and improve overall communication and empathy. Neuro-linguistic programming is a cornerstone of a good life coaching strategy, as it engenders the use of positive and constructive language to help us overcome personal and professional limits.

Awaken your whole mind without limits.

Neuro-linguistic programming also helps clients to understand how we identify patterns and habits in our own lives, in the hope of re-defining them and making progress with new skills andnew behaviours.

Strengths and Personality DNA Profiling

Myers Briggs and Gallup Strengthsfinder are excellent tools to help you understand where your strengths and challenges lie, providing clarity for you to make decisions on what you would like to do about them. I am accredited to coach in Myers Briggs (BTI) Step 2 (inspired by Carl Jung). Over the years I am continually amazed at the profound insights MBTI 2 can trigger in clients about their blind spots and strengths.  It’s often resulted in deep personal insight and knowledge of how to naturally flourish through personal transformation.  To discover how it can provide valuable clues to the DNA of your personality click here.

Mindfulness and Perception Shifting

Learn how to change negative thought patterns by re-framing them in a more positive light.

Mindfulness alt text

Hit the pause button, it’s time to reflect.

Mindfulness can help clients to learn to be aware of unhelpful ways of thinking, whilst allowing more positive habits and thought patterns to take root.  Click here to find out more.

Drawing on Experience of Success

Find your focus rise to the occasion.


Exploring and processing past examples of personal triumph can bring valuable lessons into the present.

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