Define Your Focus

Your may want to accelerate professional development, create greater life satisfaction or a combination of the two.  Your plan can be drawn from three main solution areas.

  1. Leadership or Executive Coaching. – To address the challenges of leading and managing others, cultivate leadership brand, strategy and planning, target profitability and business growth.  Also attraction, motivation and retention of top talent.
  2. Life Coaching – To secure a sustainable Work-Life-Balance, manage out unwanted habits, create new positive habits, stress and conflict management.
  3. Mindfulness Coaching – Sharpen inner focus to improve outer effectiveness when dealing with any priority area of work or life.
 Definition of Coaching

Whilst each coaching solution has it’s own emphasis,  I think this sentence will provide you a straight-forward definition.

“A collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee.”

Click here for a more detailed definition on the Association for Coaching website.

Benefits of Coaching

Life Coaching or Leadership Coaching might benefit you if you need some help unlocking your personal motivation or framing personal and professional goals.  A coach may have a key role to play at a particular time in your life.  As we all know, life can be abundant with many good intentions and yet how to follow intentions through, can often remain a puzzle.

You may be relieved to know there are just four critical steps to being very good at anything.

  1. Clarification of goals – You set realistic goals that get you out of your comfort zone to generate the high quality energy that will bring your top performance for great results.
  2. Surfacing your value system – If you pick activities aligned to your values of what’s important you will be happy to concentrate to the high standards required even when the going gets tough.
  3. Staying on track – When things get challenging, a helpful nudge from your coach will help you maintain your original enthusiasm or it may be appropriate to download what’s going on for you and test out your thoughts and concerns. 
  4. Reflection on experience of what enables and what distracts you.  You can then define personal strategies that work for you to encourage the former and disable the latter.
Click here – for a handy Infographic on the Benefits of Life Coaching.

Create your own momentum for change

If you seriously want (or need!) to break free from your comfort zone, your history can get in the way if the person coaching you already has formed opinions about your potential. Break throughs in such situations are all  the more delightful but need a little thinking through and determination.   It may be challenging for people who believe they know you to see you in a fresh way so you may need to plan for that 🙂  Conversely,  you may find it challenging to break free from your habitual patterns of communication with them without even realising it. Don’t worry, we can find the right triggers that will help you make the necessary shifts.

A personal coach who starts from a different context can offer objective perspectives on your progress as they have no split loyalties within your organisation or family.

Initial Consultation
Aim of session

This session identifies the overall focus of your goals and your practical requirements.  If time allows, we can also work with a live issue that is on your mind.

This session should pin down what type of programme and approach will create and sustain a healthy level of dynamic transformation for you.  There is no obligation to begin a programme at this stage.  I encourage you to mull over if I would be a good fit for you.  The latest neuroscience findings provide evidence for how important it is for there to be strong levels of trust in a coaching partnership.  This is about gut feel, personal preference and personality fit. There in fact will be particular parts of your brain that are activated.

Some neuroscience for the curious

If you believe you can trust someone, you’ll know it and may even get an oxytocin quiver! There will be no pressure statements, text messages or emails from me after the consultation with statements  like, “Trust me, I’m a great coach..”  It’s your very important decision and it shapes how effective the coaching can be.  I’ll be taking care not to get your amydala agitated.  If’ you’re used to high stress levels, this is one to ask me about!

How to prepare  

It’s good if you could share your awareness of the style of coaching that would work best for you: e.g. do you want it to be incisive and challenging, or encouraging and motivational?  You may want to consider whether it’s time to get out of your comfort zone to examine and work with your blind spots or opt for a more gentle approach that builds confidence.  You may find it helpful to take a look at the Fulfilment Wheel.  Four main content areas are offered, have a think about whether you would like a narrow or broad focus.

How many sessions?

The first session usually focuses on defining and establishing a strong commitment to change and sharing essential background information.  New habits can take shape immediately in some cases.  The coaching helps to reinforce the thoughts, feelings and actions to lay firm foundations for the new change beyond the session.  The number of actual sessions required depends on factors such as the complexity of the challenge, how quickly new insights emerge and the determination of the client to follow through.  For a significant transformation, clients often want to start with weekly or fortnightly sessions to begin with, and then as new habits take root the frequency is reduced to monthly or six monthly sessions

Integrated 3D Coaching 
Defined by your agenda

Integrated Coaching: a 3D solution through the application of mindfulness

  • Leadership & ManagementExecutives and professionals at all levels, influencers, movers and shakers, and those aspiring to lead others . For more information click here.
  • Life – Work-life balance, advanced communication skills, creativity, conflict resolution, stress management and confidence building.  For more information click here.
  • Mindfulness – either stand alone or to bring a more “3D” experience to any area of transformatio– Practical tools to dial up focus and concentration, sharpen thinking, or simply manage stress/ anxiety/pain. By incorporating mindfulness into your daily activities you will find it possible to live life in 3D rather than in just one dimension.  For more information click here.
The Coaching Experience

A Success Inspired coaching partnership often begins by putting the spotlight on your natural source of INSPIRATION.  This is  so that you can connect wholeheartedly with a game plan that gets to the root of what’s important for you.

Our coaching work then triggers the mental readiness, clarity of thinking and focus essential for highly effective people to get change mobilised. Often the emphasis of the coaching work will establish early, quick wins so that you get in the mindset of experiencing change from the beginning.

Progress against where you want to be is tracked at each session.   However, goals are reframed if no longer relevant and we need to recognise there may be emergency topics that need immediate attention.

You should come away from each session recognising it was hard work, good fun and a very valuable use of time.

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