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Reboot Your Mind

For any leader, sharp and clear thinking are essential for the focus needed to be  successful.

The mind can easily get overwhelmed and this unsurprisingly affects performance.

Professional life can often seem a rollercoaster of breakthroughs and breakdowns; if you are feeling frazzled, stuck or burnt out, you are experiencing a modern epidemic and are not alone.  Click here to find out more about the Leadership Edge you an gain through coaching or connect via LinkedIn.

Alternatively, broader life issues may need attention; find out more about this aspect of coaching in my entry in the LifeCoach Directory here or in the section on this site here.

Why Executive Coaching

Leadership or Executive Coaching can benefit leaders and influencers, from Board level to novice manager.  Clients typically seek out a tightly-focused coaching relationship to boost performance and / or ensure a better work-life balance. Top talent and solid performers alike can benefit from an open and honest dialogue with an experienced executive coach who understands the challenges they experience and how to thrive with resourcefulness, resilience and the key EQ.

Executive coaching clients may seek help with:

  • Transitioning into a new role.
  • Managing team performance.
  • Mentoring, dialogue and support for executives who are themselves coaching or mentoring others.
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence and self-awareness, both within oneself and in relation to others.
  • Helping to build strength and resilience to overcome professional difficulties.
  • Team succession planning.
  • Inspiring others
Benefits of Executive Coaching

Coaching is brilliant for the following:

  • One-to-one focus on real time priority issues.
  • Access to new ways of thinking with an objective sounding-board.
  • Clarity of strengths and support in boosting weaker skills
  • Increasing the probability of success by improving motivation for change
  • Taking positive and committed action for one’s own professional development.
  • Access to just-in-time emergency EQ skills development as appropriate.


Strategies for Executive Coaching

Here are a selection of some of the tools we may use:

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Successful Executives use skilful language to move others forwards at times of uncertainty and change.  NLP when applied to benefit those involved is well known for its effectiveness in bringing down barriers, creating improved performance,  communication and partnership.

Awaken your whole mind without limits.

Strengths and Personality DNA Profiling

I am accredited to coach in Myers Briggs (BTI) Step 2 (inspired by Carl Jung). Over the years I am continually amazed at the profound insights MBTI 2 can trigger in clients about their blind spots and strengths. MBTI is a great tool to use for team building workshops.  To discover how it can provide valuable clues to the DNA of your personality click here.

Mindfulness and Perception Shifting

A core life skill that is very relevant to Executives operating under intense pressure is knowing how to change negative thought patterns by re-framing them in a more positive light.

Mindfulness alt text

Hit the pause button, it’s time to reflect.

All too often professionals dont factor in time for their minds to reboot and regenerate.  Taking time out to re-fresh the mind can dramatically impact on the quality of your thinking and improve decision making.

Click here to find out more about Mindfulness Coaching.

Drawing on Experience of Success

Find your focus rise to the occasion.

Exploring and processing past examples of personal triumph can bring valuable lessons into the present.  These may be experiences from the early days in your career when expertise was developed or through transferrable skills in a not work related area.

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