D&I Focus

Diverse Talent: A Seat at the Table?

Burke-Litwin Model of Change


A robust D&I focus is now a given to be a successful 21st century organisation.

Effective delivery of D&I initiatives requires joined up thinking and implementation, incorporating transformational and transactional levers as ell as individual and personal factors. By engaging and optimising diverse talent in the organisation, it is possible to get closer to customers who will inevitably represent a diverse mix of age, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, religious beliefs and socio- economic status. 

Success requires an open dialogue to ensure the needs of diverse groups are understood.  At the grass roots level, champions of diverse groups flourish when they are involved in decision-making and are sponsored at the most senior level.  The wider employee experience is enriched as a result.  For well-rounded solutions, diverse talent has an important role to play.

Central to the culture change that is required for such practices to become business as usual, is the quality of the relationship with line managers.

Support to Enable Diverse Talent

Coaching can enable both diverse talent and their managers navigate the complexities of the D&I space.

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