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Mind Power

Heighten awareness of your strengths, build your motivation or equip yourself to adopt more effective methods for personal transformation.

If you experience any of the following, mind power tools can help create personal shifts and breakthroughs.

“I’ve lost touch with what’s important to me.”

I’d like to be better able to focus and concentrate on my goals but other things keep distracting me.”

“I’m very clear on the changes that I want to make in how I perform but for some reason I’m talking myself out of sticking with it.”

“I’m feeling overwhelmed with what I’m expected to deliver.  The pace is relentless and it’s just one problem after another”



Design your own transformation

Cultivate personal effectiveness skills to excel in your field

Discover the roots to your own natural resilience

Discover the roots to your own natural resilience

Let go of habits that no longer work for you (e.g. low expectations, anger, lifestyle choices)

Build resilience to challenges and setbacks


Relationship Effectiveness

To sharpen your skills in communication, conflict management or influencing to arrive at solutions that are greater than just the sum of individual efforts.

Relationship effectiveness tools can help create personal transformations if you experience any of the following:

“Certain people really seem to wind me up but I still need to work with them..”

“I’m an expert in my field but dread having to make presentations.”

“I know I should be building my network but it’s just not my thing.”

“Why is it that some people just seem to light up a room as soon as they speak?  How do they do it?


Learn how an interdependent mindset can create win win solutions.

Thrive in an environment where you can have a positive impact on results

Establish and maintain positive and constructive relationships with others

Communicate your expertise so that it is recognised

Understand and develop your optimal influencing style

Adopt the habits of highly effective communicators

Define and develop your personal network for success


Professional Growth

Ensure you are sowing the seeds for your professional growth, balancing personal fulfilment with practical steps to take you along your career path.

Career resilience tools can really help create personal transformations if you experience  the following:

“I’ve had plenty of appraisals during my career but feel unclear about what I’m really good at and how to sell what that is.”

“I’ve somehow ended up going through the motions with my job, it just doesn’t excite me anymore.”

“How can you really tell if an interview is going well?”

“It’s really important to hit the ground running in my next role.”



Career resilience puts you in the driving seat of your future

Define your personal vision

Be the architect of your career

Discover your career anchors and marketable skills

Produce a high impact CV

Create your networking platform

Polish your presentation or interview skills

New role transitions (30-60-90 day planning)


Work Life Success

Achieve balance as you work, rest and play, smoothly dealing with life’s challenges to establish an equilibrium that works for you.

Work life success tools can help create personal transformations if you experience any of the following:

“If only there were more hours in a day I’d be able to do things to the standards I want.”

“I’ve been a bit one dimensional in the focus of my life.”

“I’m not getting the support from others for me to be able to keep this up.”

“I’m really anxious about life and haven’t felt on top of things for a long while.”

“A moment to breathe would be much appreciated.”


Design priorities achieve balance in what's important to you.

Are you paying attention to the important things in life?

Achieve balance with work and your whole life

Support health to maintain success

Overcome barriers to growing your potential

Practice stress management techniques

Relax through mindfulness and meditation

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