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My professional roots began with delivering leadership development and change management solutions for a range of well-known organisations and many smaller organisations you will never have heard of.

I became fascinated with what enabled people to flourish at their best.  The role of an Executive or Leadership Coach gets to the core of how the professional’s mindset can enable personal breakthroughs in understanding, confidence and motivation.


I have managed teams, project-managed large, complex change transformation programmes and worked with leaders on strategy implementation, culture change and developing learning solutions to embed new ways of working. 

I discovered my passion for coaching as I increasingly focused 1:1 with some brilliant leaders and emerging talent.

I came to the conclusion that not only does it take a baseline of intellectual power to succeed but also the mindsets that maintain focus, adaptability and mental balance.



To thrive in these organisations, and in any professional environment, I soon learnt what is now well recognised:

We have to invest in our personal growth, inevitably our work environment will change dramatically.  Central to operating at our personal best we need to learn how to develop personal resilience balanced with a change readiness mindset.  This realisation has equipped me well as I’ve also managed long-term health challenges for most of this career.


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How About You?

Your perception of success is shaped by your values and the narrative you create for yourself throughout life.  What highly effective people do isn’t a secret, but I’ve noticed what they stand out from the crowd for is how they stay focused on the drivers of personal growth as they work to their goals.

People who thrive are change-savvy and focus their attention, effort and time on their goals, adapting when necessary.

How Top Performers Thrive with Every Experience

1. REFLECTIVE – Honest and objective reflection.

2. AWARE – Alert to blind spots and what needed to resolve them.

3. COMMITTED – Bold and courageous in tackling own comfort zone, they don’t give up easily

4. POISED FOR CHANGE – Keeping on their toes, they know when to pivot and set the course for change.

Discover your preferred way of working and how to flex your style.





Myers Briggs Step 2 and Clifton StrengthsFinder provide in-depth tools to surface your hidden strengths and preferred ways of operating.  Clients often find they dramatically shift their understanding of how to work with their natural talents as we establish how to bring them all on board to tackle opportunities and challenges.

For inspiration on how some well-known people define success, click below or  here.

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How will you keep at your personal best?


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