Inspired Success

A precious plant needs a careful mix of conditions to flourish. Working with me you will discover bold thinking for you to thrive to new levels in your work and life.  

There is no secret blueprint for inspired success.   Your success is for you to define in a personal way.  Your definition will be influenced by your upbringing, how you may react to to that upbringing and many other factors in life.

For some, not so highly admired public figures,  success might simply be about money and power. How you react to such views stems from your own values. Are you curious to know the values of some incredibly successful people?  If so you can learn more about what your values might be by clicking  here.

When it comes to putting your vision for your future into practice, how others see life can provoke anything from a knowing smile to raised eyebrows, revealing important signals in how we see the world.

 Is there a quote here for you?

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About You?

Whatever your profession, the issues of work-life balance, effective relationships, performance focus and personal growth will have a unique mix for  you.   You probably already know exceptional results don’t just land in your lap the easy way.  Your success so far will most likely have some basis of  concentrated effort, intense learning and dedication.  To achieve this, whether you realise it or not, you have already learned how to harness the power of your mind to some extent.  

The mantra “the mind is everything, what you think you will become” is true for any endeavour.  This applies to inspiring others, managing stress, or achieving a successful result in anything.  It’s great if you are excited about future goals and dreams, check to see where these come from.   Ultimately, how you succeed and bring your dreams to life depends on how you skilfully direct and focus your mind.  This is something we can all learn to be better at.  You should know that when you learn how to direct and focus your mind in support of the values that engage you, you will learn to operate at your natural best.

Learn how to harness the power of your mind like a skilled rider directs a thoroughbred.

Self improvement theories and philosophies are as old as the hills and you could spend many lifetimes trying to be the best version of who they suggest you become.

The critical questions are: “What is the whole person you already are right now and who do you want to become.”  I will help you define this so you can get cracking with putting it into practice.

With the foundations laid you will be then ready to take your mind power further out of your comfort zone to more expert and refined levels of skill, knowledge or wisdom.  Hard nosed grit and determination can only take you so far, with greater self wisdom can come a smoother path to improved effectiveness.

About Me

“I work to create the conditions for personal growth to sprout and flourish. In this way, clients break through their comfort zone and grow the new shoots for game-changing results.”

During our work together your will be growing and pruning areas of your brain as we embed the habits and thinking patterns to create more of the life you want. Exciting scientifically proven techniques are now at the forefront of learning and create far greater opportunities for personal growth than previously imagined until recently. Set on a strong foundation in Leadership Coaching with professionals encompassing large corporations, niche businesses, social enterprises and “solo-preneurs” alongside many years of guiding others in the practice of meditation and mindfulness this is a unique approach to Coaching.


My technical expertise began with  designing and delivering leadership training solutions and change management projects for a  range of well known companies.  This was a brilliant platform to then become an executive and life coach working one- to-one with senior leaders and young talent through the breakthroughs and challenges of their demanding careers. I know it is essential to meet people where they are at yet be ready to provide the right kind of boost as needed.

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If heights dont bother you, we can take a flight in Brighton’s i360 to gain some perspective.

Coaching Approach

My job is to work out the right mix of challenge, support, triggers to provoke higher levels of performance or techniques to enable improved balance.  This is informed by your goals, personality and preferred learning style.    We work out whether you are after a major 360 reboot or something more evolutionary.

Client Experience

Tailored coaching with professionals giving a more 3D perspective to traditional Coaching. Expert solutions in mind management and applied emotional intelligence enable clients to thrive in new ways using a whole brain approach.




Qualifications include:


Coaching Diploma (Oxford & Cambridge Board 2003)


NLP Master Practitioner  (Mind power technique)


Myers Briggs Step 2 (Personality DNA Profiling)


MBA (Durham University)


Professional Background

  • Executive & Life Coach for people seeking improved ways of working (new roles and responsibilities, overcoming obstacles to success) and improved living (work life balance)
  • Senior manager of Leadership and Learning at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch
  • Business advisor and management consultant to the private and public sector on a range of people effectiveness and change management challenges.

Other Interests include:

  • Buddhist Wisdom & Mindfulness, I have enjoyed a daily meditation and practical mindfulness practice for many years
  • Constant thirst for knowledge on resources that help build potential in people
  • Delicious food and good humour!

And very importantly….I’m on an intensive programme to rehabilitate my legs after a long period of challenges with walking.  This is with the help of a phenomenal team including  “full on” electro- acupuncture (ouch!) yoga, pilates and fitness trainer. Personal motivation is key given my food interest above 🙂


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