Team Workshops

Team Momentum Workshop – By arrangement

  • Intensive and interactive bespoke programmes may be designed  for teams wanting to define and shape their cornerstones of success.
  • Team reflection and coaching on effectiveness is given at intervals during the programme and is available for individuals separately.

Event may be run at the Brighton Meeting Room or at your offices.





Video conferencing and virtual whiteboard available for teams operating across multiple locations. 





Illustration of potential one to two day event:

Definition of current state

  • External factors – strategy and goals: what business we’re in, competitor analysis, trends
  • Organisational dynamics – management structure, core competencies, systems and processes, communication channels, talent planning for business growth
  • Balanced business scorecard review
  • Priorities for change

Team build activities

  • Creative problem solving challenge can be tailored to draw out new thinking and/or identify latent skills or knowledge required for future strategy
  • Hallmarks of high performing teams – how are we doing?
  • Team effectiveness review and coaching

Future state 

  1. Reframing vision, strategy and goals
  2. Team effectiveness priorities
  3. Call to action and milestones