Defining Your Success

If you are new to personal development, especially the way in which it can boost good habits yet diminish the less beneficial ones, take a few moments to consider what you hope to achieve and the way you prefer  to learn.  Peruse the sections under the Options menu which offer information to  get a handle on the main starting points for zero’ing in on “Project YOU”:

  •  Life Coaching or Executive Coaching (Leadership Development) One to one coaching – intense development, completely tailored to your goals and availability
  • Group Workshops – Pre-determined learning objectives usually  interactive where you can learn with and through others


An  initial diagnostic meeting or call will help you establish the surface-level focus of  your goals and your practical requirements..  This is offered as a free initial consultation.

There is a lot of talk about SMART goals and an array of different acronyms identifying different elements of goal setting.  It doesn’t really matter which framework you use, the key determinant of success for you will be  how well you follow through on making shifts (in knowledge, skills or attitude) in the things that you decide to commit to.  Your goals may reflect quarterly or annual objectives that have been set for you at work or goals that you prefer to set yourself.  Effective goals setting may draw on a range of dimensions for you to optimally thrive and impact those around you.   You may want to consider whether it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and really challenge your self or opt for a more supportive approach that builds confidence.

Pinning down what will create and sustain a healthy level  of dynamic transformation is usually the subject of a first in-depth coaching session.