The easiest way to a better life?

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March 27, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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The easiest way to a better life?


As I was idly flicking through the podcasts available on my iPhone, whilst waiting for the pinger to signal my salmon and feta feast was ready, I came across a veritable treasure trove of “OPTMIIZE” podcasts (268 in total!!) by the ever-so -enthusiastic, thoughtful and sincere US personal development guru Brian Johnson.  As a fellow geek in this field I am delighted that I can now receive a fix of positivity from our friend over the pond that doesn’t eventually get side-tracked by the likely Trump-Clinton show-down.

Note to self I must not let these pod
casts (my own equivalent of a delectable cake) take over my life!  After all, if I coach my clients in finding their optimal work-life balance for success point I shouldn’t really blow my own away by all-nighters satisfying my zeal for learning as much as possible about human development.  I hereby commit to just listening to the podcasts that I think may by of use to my client portfolio and the issues they are currently facing.  No other temptations negotiable as I also have an ambitious exercise regime to maintain, really must do that dreaded admin and also honour my commitments to meditate without it becoming a rushed “tick the box” activity.

Therefore I will attempt to apply some restraint and try to practice the self control that Brian discusses with his guest Roy Baumeister, author of over 450 scientific publications and a key book on Willpower.  Willpower is defined as the greatest human strength.


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