Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching for Results Programme

Based on Ancient Wisdom and Modern, Scientifically-Validated Methods

“Scientifically proven techniques” for focusing and balancing the brain through mindfulness and concentration are now creating much curiosity and excitement in the personal development arena.  Did you know that you can have mindfulness coaching focused to get your brain to “expand” to where you put your attention?

The neuro-plasticity of our brains is now widely acknowledged as the crux of advances in performance and personal growth. Consequently, academics and practitioners, as well as the medical profession now recognise what has long been observed by sports coaches. Performance is dynamic and responds well to coaching or training with very specific techniques. As a result, during our coaching partnership you will therefore experience triggers, nudges and guidance which can be linked to neuroscience findings.

Reach your full potential

Access Your Whole Brain

If you are ready for an advanced programme:

Your specific goal will tightly define a pure and intensive mindfulness focus that works for you. The conditions for your mind to be its best are identified. The coaching strategy next defines the internal and external factors critical to your successful achievement of the goal.

The coaching programme offers you a deep dive into;

  1. your habitual thinking patterns
  2. mental and external distractions and how to manage them
  3. your inner game and techniques to improve concentration
  4. sharpening your mental focus
  5. reinforcing critical positive neurological patterns

You will establish the thinking and habit patterns most relevant to your preferred form of mindfulness practice. You will experience a “work-out t” hat taps into the much talked of left and right brain functions.



Buddhist guided meditation is now recognised for its scientific methods for managing the “mind”.


A range of mindfulness courses are available in organisations ranging from Google to the NHS.  This is triggered by our thirst for solutions to the problems created by modern life.

The first step is usually to sign up to a programme or phone app where you will gain wise mindfulness nuggets.  Thats the easy part and some progress in examining our mind will certainly result.  The next step, however, is where mind management really gets interesting.

Success at deriving lasting benefits from practical mindfulness hinges on your ability to concentrate. If you’ve ever had to concentrate on something you dont enjoy for even 5 minutes you’ll get a sense of whether your mind is like a well trained dressage horse or a disobedient puppy.  Buddhas teachings, although over 2,500 old, can inspire us to develop exemplary concentration which may be applied to any beneficial area of modern life.


















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