Life Coaching

Who Are You?



You may seek Life coaching because you have the sense that your life needs to be different in some way and are seeking a trusted professional who can confidentially encourage you to examine and re-focus your world.  You’d like to make positive changes in how you experience and enjoy specific areas of your life.

Life Coaching differs from Counselling in that rather than dwell on the past the client is ready to take steps forwards into the present and future.  This may entail reflecting on past experiences in the  context of “so what now?”

To get you started one useful way of doing so is to consider the Fulfilment wheel.  You can complete the sections in the attached file in terms of How Important the sections are or How Fulfilled You Are in each.  If you do both on the same sheet it may help to use 2 different colours of pen!

To view a copy of the Fulfilment Wheel Click Here or to download a copy for yourself click here Fulfilment Wheel PDF

Are there any surprising gaps in what you discover?  Is there greater clarity on your priorities now?

The answers to these questions may give you clues to the possible focus for a series of Life Coaching sessions.

Project You

You will be guided through an intensive process of self discovery, personal reflection and support in your individual call to action.   Any experience you have in personal development so far will form an excellent platform to attain further levels of success in meeting your own specific goals.  If you are ready to explore your unique personal best there are typically 5 elements to a life coaching programme:

  • Defining the big picture of your life and what is now most important to you
  • Installing the commitment for the change you seek
  • Tracking how well you are doing
  • Make smart modifications if required
  • Affirm successes

Coaching assignments typically involve six 1-1.5 hour sessions spread over 3 to 6 months to establish momentum and translate insights into results.


Typical Reasons for Seeking Life Coaching

You may feel stuck in a number of areas or have narrowed your concerns down to one or two priorities.  The following illustrations may help you frame an initial view of how your concerns map to some possible solutions.

Work life balance tools help to manage stress and anxiety.

Optimise work life balance, reduce stress

“If only there were more hours in a day I’d be able to do things to the standards I want.”

“I’ve been a bit one dimensional in the focus of my life.”

“I’m not getting the support from others for me to be able to keep this up.”

“A moment to breathe would be much appreciated.”




Establish new habits to gain focus and motivation for change.  

“I’ve lost touch with what’s important to me.”

I’d like to be better able to focus and concentrate on my goals but other things keep distracting me.”

“I’m very clear on the changes that I want to make in how I perform but for some reason I’m talking myself out of sticking with it.”

Learn advanced communication skills in conflict management or influencing others so they become natural for you.

“Certain people really seem to wind me up but I still need to work with them..”

“Why is it that some people just seem to light up a room as soon as they speak?  How do they do it?

“I know I should be building my network but it’s just not my thing.”

Discover your current level of career resilience and how to increase it.

“I’ve had plenty of appraisals during my career but feel unclear about what I’m really good at and how to sell what that is.”

“I’ve somehow ended up going through the motions with my job, it just doesn’t excite me anymore.”

“How can you really tell if an interview is going well?”

“It’s really important to hit the ground running in my next role.”


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