Life Coaching in Brighton & Hove

How can I benefit from a life coach?

Life coaching can benefit people who may need some help unlocking their personal intrinsic motivation or realising/restructuring their personal and professional goals.
A life coach has an important role to play at a time in a person’s life where they require more guidance and focussed encouragement in order to convert intrinsic motivations into actionable life goals.
A life coach can help you in the following ways.

Clarification of goals

Setting realistic goals which are truly actionable, as opposed to aiming too high or too low, and creating an unnecessary gulf between goals and final outcomes.

Creating a value system

You need to understand your personal value system. Life coaching can help you get to the root of this, thereby helping you frame future priorities.

Staying on the right track

Once you have settled upon your goals, a life coach can will help you to put them into action, ensuring you stay true to your personal values, and helping you overcome challenges you encounter.


Our life coaching principles

Every consultation we undertake is guided by the following life coaching principles and provocations.

Mind power

Working with you to build awareness of your strengths, discover the roots of your resilience and your intrinsic motivation and let go of habits which may be holding you back. Building mind power is essential to adopting your own methods of personal transformation.

Relationship management

Helping you to communicate your expertise in your professional dealings with others, adopt the habits of an effective communicator and helping you to establish positive and constructive relationships.

Professional growth

Assisting you with the definition of your personal vision and empowering you to become the architect of your own career path. We also help clients with networking and interview skills, and day-to-day planning as they transition into a new job role.

Work-life success

Our life coaching strategies are designed to help you achieve equilibrium between work and life, ensuring your professional and personal goals do not come into conflict. In this way you arrive at a healthy sustainable balance to secure success in your personal and professional life drawing on, if requested, advanced techniques in mindfulness, meditation, and stress management.


Life coaching strategies

Working with our clients, we utilise a number of strategies to help our clients map and realise their personal and professional goals.

Neuro-linguistic programming

Using language to break down mental barriers, create more functional life habits and improve overall communication and empathy. Neuro-linguistic programming is a cornerstone of a good life coaching strategy, as it engenders the use of positive and constructive language to help us overcome personal and professional limits.
Neuro-linguistic programming also helps clients to understand how we identify patterns and habits in our own lives, in the hope of re-defining them and making progress with new skills and new behaviours.

Strengths and preferences profiling

This is a strategy which encourages clients to understand where their strengths and talents lie. Awareness of strengths and preferences can then be utilised to improve inter-personal skills, allowing clients to make more informed choices about how we want to operate within teams or communities.

Mindfulness and perception shifting

This is a strategy which aims to change negative thought patterns, with the hope of re-framing them in a more positive light. Mindfulness can help clients to learn to be aware of unhelpful ways of thinking, whilst allowing more positive habits and thought patterns to take root.

Drawing on experience of success

This involves exploring and processing past examples of personal and professional success, and asking clients to think about how these prior instances can be built into future success.

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