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Find a Leadership Coach whether in Brighton, London or Worldwide, who can work with your work-life balance priorities to awaken the leadership capabilities you already have (many will currently be hidden).  The first step in reaching your leadership potential is to cultivate an honest and accurate self awareness. of who you are and what you stand for.  Over the years, Marshall Goldsmith has written many great books and articles on how to become a great leader.  Click here for a nice introduction on becoming a great leader from the Harvard Business Review.


Your Leadership Edge

The right Leadership Coach will be a partner you can trust with the “Whats” and “Hows” in your “What’If” moments for your organisation.

If you are serious about your career and being a Leader you will probably already have red a handful of leadership articles  or books and may even subscribe to Harvard Business Review in the hops of discovering some golden nuggets of wisdom you can apply.  This kind of curiosity is often noted amongst the top talent that often ends up running teams or organisations.

In working with an experienced Leadership Coach you will be able to spotlight your gaps in knowledge and expand the scope of your capabilities.


Are You a Star Leader?

“You have the magnetism to move hearts and minds, thinking strategically yet skilfully operating tactically to drive progress.  People trust your judgement on the difficult questions that affect others.  You have a thirst for learning and seek out professionals to help expand your skills and knowledge on a regular basis. 

The strong track record you established in the early part of your career which has attracted a positive reputation with your peers.  Your success comes not only from what you stand for but also from your ability to recognise the strengths of others, assemble and build high performing teams.”


This comment could easily have been written in a performance review  by the manager of a star performing Leader or Executive.  Such a leader  would have been the subject of intense discussions at Board  level talent planning meetings across the globe.

You may be thinking it all seems rather easy on the surface.  Would it surprise you to know that star qualities often emerge as the result of much self reflection, open minded thinking combined with a thirst to learn and mindful effort to hone new effective habits.

In my view, drawn from a couple of decades of experience, leaders are made more often than they are born. For many executive, leadership and management roles particular shifts in performance are possible through coaching where the focus is on key leadership transitions and qualities.

During these transitions the profession goes through an external metamorphosis from one professional identity to another.  For each transition, decision-making, communication style and emphasis as well as conflict management, strategic thinking and emotional intelligence will all take one different aspects that can be in part anticipated:

  1.  Technical Whiz to Manager
  2. Manager to Leader
  3. Leader to Senior Leader

However, being a superstar leader is not in fact necessarily an easy path especially if you are going it alone without a supportive manager.   Indeed professionals who have experienced set backs, even periods of meltdown may have more to offer if they have as a result built wisdom and resilience.

From good to GREAT. A Leadership Coach with experience of the leadership qualities that thrive in organisations and how to cultivate them . can provide insight and support as you identify areas of focus to update your skills.


The work of a great Coaching Partnership

With  “can do” motivation, access to practical tips on how to approach the big and smaller challenges, your own personal mastery of the skills of a great leader could be closer than you think.










Who is Leadership Coaching for?

A trusted Leadership Coach can benefit leaders and influencers, from Board level to novice manager.

Leadership coaching is synonymous with Executive Coaching in that the client has a role that involves responsibility for others and/or the need to influence and work with others.

Professional life can often seem a rollercoaster of breakthroughs and breakdowns; if you are feeling frazzled, uncertain or burnt out, you are experiencing a common modern epidemic and are not alone.

You may be a professional who sees their purpose as making a difference, or having an impact that goes beyond the mundane.

You may be interested to know there is clear value in sharpening your emotional intelligence (EQ) skills as they have been proven to be a stronger predictor of success than IQ.

Top talent and solid performers alike can benefit from an open and honest dialogue with an experienced leadership coach who understands the challenges they experience and how to thrive with resourcefulness, resilience and the key EQ components that can be learned.

Typically, work begins with how to best establish and maintain momentum for critical breakthroughs in results and performance in the organisation you influence. Work -life balance strategies may also feature.


How a Leadership Coach Can Help

As professionals progress through pivotal stages of their career (say from Technical Expert to Manager then Leader of many) they may need help with any of the following:

  • Transitioning into a new role or organisation.
  • Managing team performance.
  • Understanding their natural leadership signature style and how to cultivate its full potential
  • Mentoring and supporting others who are themselves coaching or mentoring others.
  • Honing emotional intelligence and self-awareness, both within oneself and in relation to others.
  • Helping to build resourcefulness and resilience to overcome professional difficulties.
  • Team succession planning, coaching emerging talent.
  • Inspiring others through challenging times.
  • Creating and maintaining the momentum for change 


The Benefits of Working with a Leadership Coach

Depending on the agreed goals, benefits can include:

  • One-on-one focus on real-time priority issues.
  • Access to new ways of thinking with an objective sounding-board.
  • Clarity of strengths and support in boosting weaker skills
  • Increasing the probability of a successful impact on others
  • Increased value to employer through positive engagement and focused personal development action
  • Access to just-in-time emergency EQ skills development resulting in improved relationships


Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness can promote many positive habits.  Through bring able to manage our mind better it is more easy to concentrate on high quality personal reflection and clearl decision-making through.  Neuroscientific research now validates the positive effects a regular mindfulness and meditation practice can have on concentration (directly)  and emotional intelligence (indirectly).




Click here to see Daniel Goleman and his Richard Davidson talk about how mindfulness practices can IMPROVE key functions of the brain for Leader effectiveness.


Incorporating simple mindfulness techniques into your daily life could bring a valuable fresh perspective to your leadership adventure.  Go to the Mindfulness tab to find out more.





Client Experience

At Success Inspired, we have worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs, executives, senior managers and business owners. The case studies and testimonials below are just some of the examples of the questions and common objectives and solutions deployed.  When choosing your Leadership Coach ensure that you work with someone who is truly knowledgeable about how you can optimise your skills, knowledge and mindset.


Am I really in the right job?

“I was aware that some days at work were great and others were awful but never really understood why.  The other problem was that I was finding it difficult to disentangle other people’s well-meant advice from my gut feel for what I should be doing.  It’s such a relief to know what genuinely gives me a buzz and to now have a plan in place to make this the focus of my career.  I’m a lot better at avoiding distractions that won’t get me there and creating the opportunities that will.”

Manager, Recruitment Agency


Time for me to gain perspective in building readiness for change

“Caroline really takes an interest in your whole story.  I felt really listened to.  She helps you move forward in translating that into more satisfying work and life overall.  She has a wide and deep toolkit in the areas of personal effectiveness and leadership development but tailors what she draws on for the moment by moment topics that are surfaced in the coaching, helping me to build my resourcefulness for change and resilience for bouncing back when things seem to be out of my control.  What has helped me to be successful so far now needs a fresh approach as new, unexpected challenges come up.  She is a trusted sounding board as I work out how to do this and offers alternative ways of approaching problems at work and in my life overall.  Working with a coach has helped me to understand my choices and make more confident decisions.”

Senior Consultant, Accenture


I needed to become more confident in my personal niche

“I was getting quite disillusioned with my career and have been thinking the grass is greener elsewhere for some time.  You have helped me work out where I can focus my efforts and influence the change I needed.  Your enthusiasm and encouragement have meant I am a lot more confident and committed to following through”



Establishing Leadership Strengths and Improving Team Performance

“Caroline has equipped me to have a clearer sense of what my strengths are and how I can do more to bring them to the fore as I lead my team.  The workshops she then ran for my team then brought out the best in us all and helped us to break some common conflict patterns.

Senior Vice President, Finance & Accountancy Division, Financial Services


Accelerated Leadership Development Training & Coaching for High Potential Talent

“Our function has experienced dramatic change and many of us have been jettisoned into new roles very quickly. I’ve had to learn how to be a senior leader without having had much leadership development.  The programme helped me to work out what kind of leader I am and how I can find my feet with a team that was originally selected by someone else.”

Director, Credit Risk, Financial Services


Leading Others and Managing Stress Through Uncertain Times

“I’ve worked with Caroline when she was an internal coach at my company when she really helped me to get the most out of managing and engaging with my team in a very difficult trading environment.  She has also helped me to boost my influence of others as a global senior leader.  Now that she is working as an independent Executive Coach I am able to work through areas related to my life outside of work that I wouldn’t normally get support for in my firm. I realise that the skills and experience that have helped me to be successful so far now need a fresh approach as new, unexpected challenges come up.  Working with a coach has helped me to understand my choices and make more robust decisions.”

Senior Vice President, Legal Counsel, Financial Services


Maintaining Professional Momentum Whilst Balancing Health and Family

“The last couple of years have been very difficult as I’ve had to juggle managing treatment for cancer, balancing family pressures and keeping the momentum going at work.  It’s really helped to work with Caroline and make sure I keep mindful of what’s really important so I can keep all the plates spinning.  She has encouraged me to make sure I’m managing the situation rather than just keeping my fingers crossed or panicking.  This has really helped me manage people’s expectations.  Her pragmatic positivity has helped keep me on track and my prognosis on health, life and work are all doing great.”

Senior Manager, National Charity





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