Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can benefit leaders and influencers, from Board level to novice manager.

Professional life can often seem a rollercoaster of breakthroughs and breakdowns; if you are feeling frazzled, uncertain or burnt out, you are experiencing a modern epidemic and are not alone.

Indeed if you are a professional who is ambitious to make a difference or have an impact that goes beyond the mundane you had better be sharpening your emotional intelligence (EQ) skills as they have been proven to be a stronger predictor of success than IQ.

Top talent and solid performers alike can benefit from an open and honest dialogue with an experienced executive coach who understands the challenges they experience and how to thrive with resourcefulness, resilience and the key EQ components that can be learned if willing to focus and commit to new habits.

Typically, work begins with how to best establish and maintain momentum for critical breakthroughs in results and performance. Work -life balance strategies may also feature.

We offer executive coaching session both face-to-face in Brighton, and in London at the client’s office by arrangement.

Why executive coaching?

Executive coaching clients may seek help with:

  • Transitioning into a new role.
  • Managing team performance.
  • Mentoring, dialogue and support for executives who are themselves coaching or mentoring others.
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence and self-awareness, both within oneself and in relation to others.
  • Helping to build strength and resilience to overcome professional difficulties.
  • Team succession planning.
  • Inspiring others
  • Developing expert knowledge and skills for optimal interactions when dealing with colleagues
  • Build Transformational know-how for creating and maintaining the momentum for change

The benefits of working with an Executive coach

Depending on the agreed goals, benefits can include:

  • One-on-one focus on real-time priority issues.
  • Access to new ways of thinking with an objective sounding-board.
  • Clarity of strengths and support in boosting weaker skills
  • Increasing the probability of success by taking more responsibility for impact on others
  • Increased value to employer through positive and focused action for one’s own professional development.
  • Access to just-in-time emergency EQ skills development resulting in improved relationships

Success Inspired works from the belief that mindfulness has a role to play in executive coaching and executive development.  Mindfulness can help to promote objective reflection in breaking free of obstacles and unwanted habits.