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Inspired Success

There is no correct blueprint for inspired success. it arrives when we know, work and live at ease with our personal inspiration.  We all have a unique series of experiences and opportunities that have shaped our strengths (some yet to be discovered) which already give us a platform of success now.   Once we give ourselves the freedom to take a step back and look at our talents and aspirations optimistically and incorporate bold thinking, big shifts in our lives can occur.

“My commitment is to encourage and support you through the twists and turns of arriving at your goals. Your imperative is to discover and shape what your personal journey can be.”

Caroline Dove, Personal Coach



“Be your own career and life architect.   Can you imagine that?.”



My technical expertise began with  designing and delivering executive training solutions and change management projects for a  range of well known companies.  This was a brilliant platform to then become an executive and life coach working one- to-one with senior leaders through the breakthroughs and challenges of their demanding careers.  For successful client transformations I know it is essential to meet people where they are at yet be ready to provide the right kind of boost that works for them as needed.


Coaching Approach

Step one of my job is to surface who the client really is (rather than just what they currently do).  We work in partnership from the first session when an agreement is established on your agenda and how we will know that it has been delivered on. I’m not into coaching blueprints that standardise you. If you have limited choices due to your role or profession we still look at how the essence of you can thrive in this situation. Whether you want to make that shift into a new role, increase your profitability, or present to a new challenging audience that will test you, the coaching is tailored to your needs, what you need from life and the way you prefer to learn and shoot for the future.

As a trusted coach I can then help you lay the foundations for your aspirations to take shape, providing support and guidance so that you keep on track.

As a member of the Association for Coaching I am continuously honing my coaching skills repertoire.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information.


Client Experience

When you work with me you will experience perceptive listening and a lively, interactive exploration of the critical issues.  Clients often tell me I have a knack for knowing which personal development tool to pluck for their particular needs. Depending on what the client needs, I have been known to adapt tools (whether they be from conflict management, NLP, Myers Briggs or stress management tips) or even improvise new tools that can trigger breakthroughs.

Qualifications include:

  • Coaching Diploma (Oxford & Cambridge Board 2003)
  • Myers Briggs Step 2 (Oxford Psychologists Press)
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • MBA (Durham University)

Professional Background

  • Executive & Life Coach for people seeking improved ways of working (new roles and responsibilities, overcoming obstacles to success) and improved living (work life balance)
  • Senior manager of Leadership and Learning at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch
  • Business advisor and management consultant to the private and public sector in a range of people effectiveness and change management arenas.

Other Interests include:

  • Buddhist Wisdom & Mindfulness, I have enjoyed a daily meditation and practical mindfulness practice for many years
  • Constant thirst for knowledge on resources that help build potential in people
  • Delicious food and good humour!

And very importantly….I’m on an intensive programme to rehabilitate my legs after a long period of challenges with walking.  This is with the help of a phenomenal team including  “full on” electro- acupuncture (ouch!) yoga, pilates and fitness trainer. Personal motivation is key given my food interest above 🙂


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