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Together We Will Recognise and Build Your Talents

I coach or train in areas of professional development and personal transformations particularly where the emphasis is on sustained results and well-being.

Caroline Dove

With over 25 years experience, partnering with talented professionals in their personal development journey, I have built an in-depth technical knowledge of people development techniques and had the pleasure of partnering with people from most walks of life.  During this time my view on what success really is has changed quite dramatically.  Whatever success means for you, the best nugget of advice I can offer is to examine the topic honestly and fully consider the consequences of how you invest your precious time given the goals that are most important to you.

My clients have ranged from heads of departments in large global organisations to people who come for coaching to help restore balance and focus in their lives during a period of time away from the workplace.  In all cases the discovery of our true inner voice and how best to honour our personal values are often important underlying themes.

A primary aim is for my clients to confidently and proactively seize the opportunities and new thinking that emerge from our partnership together.

“My commitment is to encourage and support you through the twists and turns you experience as you proceed towards your goals. You proactively discover and shape your personal journey.”

Over the years my work as a designer and deliverer of training programmes for top and emerging talent, as well as a seasoned executive and life coach, have taught me how people really learn best to engage their minds in readiness for personal breakthroughs.  A career dedicated to partnering with professionals in these breakthroughs is always inspiring,  often very moving and typically exciting.  For successful client transformations I know it is essential to meet people where they are at and to provide encouragement for living life courageously and with flair.

When you work with me you will experience perceptive listening and a lively, interactive exploration of the critical issues.  As a result you will understand and become resourceful in how to follow through on your own signature style by being more personally effective than you are right now.  Clients often tell me I have a knack for knowing which personal development tool to pluck for their particular needs.  I have been known to adapt long established tools (whether they be from conflict management, NLP, Myers Briggs or stress management tips) and sometimes improvise new tools to best help clients with their particular situation.

As a member of the Association for Coaching I am continuously honing my coaching skills repertoire.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information.

Qualifications include:

Coaching Diploma (Oxford & Cambridge Board 2003)
Myers Briggs Step 2 (Oxford Psychologists Press)
NLP Master Practitioner
MBA (Durham University)

Professional Background includes:

Executive & Life Coach for people seeking and experiencing professional transitions to new ways of working (new roles and responsibilities) and living (work life balance)
Senior manager of Leadership and Learning at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch
Business advisor and management consultant to the private and public sector in a range of people effectiveness arenas.

Other Interests include:

Supporting talent who are managing disability or long term health conditions to succeed
Buddhist Wisdom & Meditation
Constant thirst for knowledge on resources that help build potential in people
Delicious food and humour!