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One-to-one Coaching to Illuminate Your Potential

Improve concentration and learn to focus like a pro

Set smart goals and follow through on them

Build professional profile as you manage your strengths and weaknesses

Boost transformational leadership skills and discover preferred leadership styles

Develop excellent presentation skills

Gain clarity for better decision-making

Manage conflict in difficult situations

Face uncertainty, let go of anxiety

Experience guided meditation and practical mindfulness

Be a work-life balance mastermind



Success Inspired Coaching is for Executives, other Leaders in Life and professionals who want to be at the top of their game. Set on a strong foundation in Leadership Coaching with professionals encompassing large corporations, niche businesses and "solo-preneurs" alongside many years of guiding buddhist meditation and mindfulness this is a unique approach to Coaching for Professionals. As a result you have access to a powerful mix of tried and tested yet innovative approaches to personal development that encompasses practical tools with a sprinkling of ancient wisdom if requested.

Did you know it takes someone at least 10,000 intensive and concentrated hours to master an area of expertise? I can offer deep and wide experience in personal development having invested over 30,000 hours over the last 20 years training and coaching professions to have leading edge expertise for a successful life.

You may be an entrepreneur, legal, sales,IT, numbers gurus or Board Director. The issues of work-life balance, concentration focus and personal transformation will have a unique flavour that needs to be designed around how you are best motivated and learn in your particular case.

As new frontiers of knowledge about how we think and perform have been expanded through developments that link neuroscience to personal development and mindfulness to life skills. I believe professional coaches must innovate to incorporate these new fields creatively for client-centred solutions.

You should be the architect of your coaching programme; I have developed a kit-bag packed with handy selection of tools, know-how and nuggets for your design to take shape.

Set your intentions as though your success depends upon them - because it does!
For us, our success depends upon how our values of collaboration, expert-ease, inspired thinking and fun translate into our work.

Understand what your mind is calling you to do AND GO FOR IT!

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